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Do you deliver to the GTA and

Out-of-Town locations?

YES!... For over 30 years VW Express has been delivering Toronto Same Day and Rush Courier packages to and From the GTA and Out of Town areas... See for Yourself

Toronto GTA and Out of Town Courier Service

Do you have remote workers that live outside the city? Does your company have a job site that's located outside of the city? Is your supplier located out of town? and you need emergency parts picked up. Do you have a personal package that has to get to an address located 2 hours outside the city?

When you place your order TODAY (416-745-1280) we will process it, assign it to a driver and deliver it that day. Over the years we have delivered to ALL of the surrounding GTA cities such as Newmarket – Milton – Guelph – London – Kitchener – Barrie – St. Catharines – Kingston – Peterborough – Windsor – Collingwood – Hamilton.

There is NO delivery Challenge that we haven't already SOLVED for our customers

Ship NOW... Toronto Same Day Courier Out of Town Delivery, We Connect the Cities.

Ship it on a Rush Service

Ship it on a Same Day Service

Just some of the Toronto GTA and Out of Town Areas that VW Express picks up and delivers to on a Same Day and Rush Courier service:

Milton, Guelph, Oakville, Stoney Creek, Waterdown, St. Catherine, Waterloo, Kitchener, Burlington, Hamilton, Brantford, Woodstock, London, Barrie, Orangeville, Peterborough, Belleville, Brockville, Whitby, Ajax, Oshawa, Inglewood, Bolton, Stouffville, Newmarket, Aurora, Pickering, Niagara, King City, Bowmanville





St. Catharines


The City is getting BIGGER ...

VW Express Out of Town GTA Delivery Service makes it ... SMALLER

Case Studies

Out of Town ... a piece of CAKE

Sarah was devastated when she found out her favourite cake shop had moved out of town. She needed to order a cake for her daughter's birthday party, but didn't know how to get it shipped in time.

Sarah stumbled upon VW Express out-of-town courier service. She was thrilled when she learned that there was an actual GTA Same Day courier service that could securely deliver it directly to her doorstep.

Sarah quickly placed an order with VW Express and was amazed by the ease of the process. She simply provided the cake shop's address and VW Express took care of the rest.

Sarah was grateful to VW Express rush courier service for making her daughter's special day even more memorable with her favourite cake.

Make you own special moments... 416-745-1280

Out of Town ... Out of STOCK

It was a typical day at the manufacturing company until disaster struck. One of their vital machines broke down due to a malfunctioning part. The engineers quickly diagnosed the issue and realized they needed an emergency replacement part that was not in stock. To make matters worse, the only supplier that had the part was located out of town.

The company had a big order to fulfill, and this breakdown would cause a significant delay. The team was under immense pressure to get the equipment up and running as soon as possible. They reached out to the big three Next Day couriers, but none did Same Day courier service within the GTA. The supplier recommended VW Express Same Day GTA Out-of-Town courier service to pick up the part and bring it to them.

VW Express arrived at the supplier's location within the promised timeframe and picked up the replacement part. VW Express then drove straight to the manufacturing company and delivered the part safely and on time. The engineers quickly installed the part, and the machine was up and running again.

Let us save the day... 416-745-1280

Out of Town ... Remote RESCUE

Meet Kwame, a seasoned IT professional who works for a tech company that is located in a remote GTA area outside the city.

Kwame encountered a critical issue with their server equipment. He knew that he needed a special part that was only available in the city and time was of the essence.

Kwame needed an out-of-town Same Day courier in Toronto so he contacted VW Express and was impressed with their customer service and rates.

Kwame provided all the necessary details about the part and its delivery, and VW Express confirmed that the part would be delivered to him within a few hours. Thanks to VW Express Kwame was able to receive the part he needed and resolve the server issue.

Use Same Day GTA Delivery to Close the Distance... 416-745-1280

Out of Town ... Driver in ACTION

Most of our customers come from recommendations from other satisfied customers. When someone has a great experience with a company they tell their friends and business associates.

When we ask, “how did you find out about VW Express?” We like it when we hear,

“I asked one of my customers who they use to deliver their products and they replied… I know this really great courier company”.