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This is Toronto’s Best Web Design Company


We may be a bit bias… but here’s why

Beetek Solutions designed our new website, and it looks FANTASTIC.

Brian and his development team did a great job of bringing our mock-up designs to fruition with great page layouts and skillful HTML coding. There were multiple changes along the way and they were able to implement them all.

We had many requirements and Beetek’s team expertly accommodated our unique development needs. They kept in constant communication with us during the entire process and paid attention to all the details.

We are extremely happy with the final results and we look forward to our newly designed website being the foundation of our online marketing activities.

VW Express has no hesitation to recommend Beetek Solutions to anyone that is looking for an experienced Marketing, Graphic Design, Website Design, Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Marketing Company.



Same Day Courier for the Healthcare Sector



Distance can pose significant challenges when it comes to urgent courier deliveries

Customers rely on Same Day courier services to transport crucial medical supplies outside the bustling Greater Toronto Area (GTA)

Imagine a scenario where critical medical supplies need to be delivered outside the boundaries of the GTA. Delays could have severe consequences.

VW Express courier service is well-versed in handling time-critical medical shipments. We can swiftly arrange for the collection of medical supplies that are already prepared for the driver in specialized packaging to ensure their safety during transit.

We provide real-time tracking information. This allowed the customer to monitor the progress of the delivery, ensuring peace of mind that the supplies safely make their way to the destination outside the GTA.



Rush Courier for Financial Services


In the fast-paced world of finance, time is money and every minute counts

Recently, a financial professional found themselves in a predicament that required a reliable and efficient courier service to deliver important financial documents securely to a client’s home

VW Express a local Same Day Rush, and leading courier company in Toronto, came to their rescue, ensuring the safe and swift delivery of these crucial documents.

The financial documents arrived at the client’s doorstep within the promised timeframe. The client was astounded by the promptness and professionalism displayed by VW Express. This on time Same Day Delivery, solidified their trust in the financial professional and their firm.